BREA General Membership
UCLA undergraduates who are are signed up for our newsletter are eligible for BREA General Membership. This level of membership is the first step towards ensuring that you have access to most* of the resources which are made available by BREA. This includes, but is not limited to: invitations to the Speaker Series, Real Estate Crash Course, BREA Society, and USC TREA/MREFA events, as well as access to networking events, BREA Industry Night, and much more!
*The only activities and events which BREA General Members do not have access to are those which are exclusively reserved for Society Members.

BREA Society Membership
UCLA Undergraduates who are active General Members are invited to apply for BREA Society, which takes place during winter quarter. Those selected after the application and interview process gain access to exclusive resources and events. The application process will be announced through the newsletter and on our website. Benefits of BREA Society Membership include, but are not limited to: the Real Estate Fundamentals Course, ARGUS Training at UCLA Extension, Anderson Mentorship Program, among other resources.

BREA Points System
Description: The BREA Point System was designed to keep track of membership involvement. Members earn points for completing certain tasks which demonstrate commitment to the club. An example of tasks which members can earn points for includes, but is not limited to: attending Speaker Series events, participating in BREA Society, competing in our Spring Case Competition, and more.

Purpose: The purpose of the BREA Point System is to give our Executive Board an idea of who has frequently participated in BREA events throughout the length their membership. This helps our Executive Board better come to decisions such as:  BREA Society Membership, Professional Coffee Date attendees, Priority Job/Internship Announcements, among other things. This system is meant to reward members who are actively looking to increase their network and develop their career.  

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