The Bruin Real Estate Association

The Bruin Real Estate Association (BREA) is focused on connecting the UCLA undergraduate community with the real estate industry. BREA provides its members with the resources and knowledge that will lead to long and fulfilling careers in real estate.

What is BREA?

BREA is the only undergraduate organization at UCLA that is devoted to closely connecting students to the real estate industry. Members of our diverse community share a passion for the field, but have backgrounds ranging from the arts to engineering. As the only club dedicated to this cause, we work very closely with the Ziman Center of Real Estate at Anderson.

Why real estate?

A career in real estate means dealing with the largest asset class in the United States. From investment and development, to property management and marketing, every aspect of real estate has something unique to offer. Furthermore, the versatility of the industry allows for movement both to and from careers in financial services, private equity, law, and more!

What does joining BREA mean?

Joining BREA means getting your foot in the door of one of the most competitive industries in business. Through various events and workshops, members are ensured maximum exposure to the real estate industry and the various career options available within it.

Our Community: It Extends Beyond UCLA    

Joining BREA also means being part of a large community full of individuals who are devoted to helping each other enter and succeed in the commercial real estate industry. Whether it is a BREA Executive Board Member, a current professional, or a fellow BREA member, everyone in our community knows that they have access to like-minded individuals looking to help each other succeed. BREA works closely with the Ziman Center of Real Estate, the UCLA Real Estate Alumni Group (REAG) and Anderson Real Estate Associations (AREA), as well as the Trojan Real Estate Association (TREA) and Marshall Real Estate Finance Association (MREFA) at USC.

Our Values 

Integrity – We demonstrate a work ethic that is founded on honesty.

Creative & Open-Minded – Our members are expected to take initiative and come up with creative ways to add value to the organization.

Enthusiasm – We are passionate about what we do and are excited to create new opportunities, networking events, and well equipped students.  

Accountability – Prove that others can depend on you and accept that you are accountable for your actions.